Gillian Clinton wrote the cover article “Murder by Numbers” for the September 1995 issue of The Financial Post Magazine. This article examined statistics, charts, tables and graphs on violent crime in Canada and compared it to historical figures, as well as to contemporary data for Britain, Australia and the United States. A key finding was that Canada has much lower levels of violence and gun ownership than the United States.

Several reports were prepared for the Policy Committee of the North York Chamber of Commerce (now a division of the Toronto Board of Trade). Topics included reporting on the effects of legislative changes to the Workers’ Compensation Act in Ontario, as well as an analysis of the effects on small and medium businesses of the introduction of Actual Value Assessment and elimination of the century-old Business Occupancy Tax. Various alternatives to Actual Value Assessment in other Canadian jurisdictions, including Winnipeg, Manitoba and British Columbia, as well as Israel, Britain and California (USA), were also examined.

A report on the progress and policies of selected post-socialist transition economies in Central Europe was prepared for developer and investment advisor, Raymond Aaron of Richmond Hill. This report tracked contemporary changes and implementations of macroeconomic stabilization and privatization in Soviet block countries, including Hungary, East Germany, and the Czech and Slovak Republics, as they progressed from communist economies to capitalist and market economies.

Balmer Studios of Toronto requested competitive intelligence on suppliers of decorative architectural mouldings throughout the United States and Canada. The report provided detailed information on the materials of which the mouldings were made, as well as the standard lengths of such moulding. Information on each competitor included such items as annual sales, size of company, and cost of products.

This page presents a list of sample projects. Details of these and other projects available upon request.