Civil Society

Clinton Research provided editing and research services for the book, Civil Society in the Information Age authored by Peter I. Hajnal and published by Ashgate. A paper defining information science terms, such as ‘information’, ‘knowledge’ and ‘data’, whose meanings are subject to many interpretations, was produced in conjunction with the book. An extensive bibliography of books, articles, government documents and electronic resources was also prepared.

G20 BookPeter I. Hajnal retained the research services of Clinton Research for his book, The G8 System and the G20: Evolution, Role and Documentation. Research focused on international document holdings of various G7/G8 leaders over the preceding three decades. Funding was identified to support visits to various American Presidential Libraries. Research was also carried out at the Library and Archives Canada. In addition, various editing tasks were performed and a separate, extensive bibliography was compiled and corroborated for CIGI – The Centre for International Governance Innovation.

The Munk Centre for International Studies at the University of Toronto received funding to create an environmental reform website for which Clinton Research edited and formatted contributors’ bibliographies and research content for a consolidated bibliography, available online at the EnviReform website.

This page presents a list of sample projects. Details of these and other projects available upon request.