Sloan & Associates of Waterloo, Ontario, required access to historical legal publications, bills and legislation which could only be found in Toronto and Ottawa.  In particular, there was a need to locate explanations of discrepancies in commentary on specific Upper Canada, Canada West, Canada and Ontario statute changes occurring between 1859 and 1886. This research project entailed visits to the Library and Archives Canada, the Archives of Ontario and the Great Library, Law Society of Upper Canada.

An annotated bibliography, current to 1998, was prepared and posted online for a time on the Bora Laskin Law Library (University of Toronto) website. This bibliography provided an overview of significant reference works and resources within the field of Space Law. For the most part, the works referenced were of relevance to scholars and practitioners within the field, although certain introductory texts were included for students and others new to Space Law.   Of interest to historians were the early writings, included to provide a framework on which to build an understanding of the current positions and future directions of Space Law.

This page presents a list of sample projects. Details of these and other projects available upon request.